Thank you

This is my book, but it would not have been possible without the help of various people along the way.

My heartfelt thanks go to Claire; for her love and support throughout the years that we have been working on this book, and for all the hours she has spent copy typing, editing, re-writing and generally for making my dyslexic words readable. Without Claire, this book would not have been possible.

Once the bulk of the book was written, I gave draft editions to a few trial users/readers to test the layout and usability of the book. Therefore I wish to thank the following for their invaluable feedback: Brian, Cindy, Jacqui, Lori, and Sylvain.

Robert Fletcher and his team at Strategic / Eloquent Books

Including at least the following: Bruce, Christine, Dawn, Ellen, Georgie, Helen, Inez, Jennifer, Jim, Julie, Kait, KimC, KimP, Lee, Linda, Lisa, Lori, Mark, Nancie, Tania, Tara and Vicki. I may have missed a few and I expect that there are a few more working behind these others. Thank you all.

For any aspiring writers the journey I have taken with Strategic / Eloquent has had a few bumps. But I have taken the approach that we are all grownups and good manners and understanding help to smooth things out. I am still with, them hence I am happy to recommend them as a publishing house.

Last but by no means least my friend Paul Warner who helped with some of the coding behind the ‘Share your questions’ page that has made this web site possible.

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