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The “Hurn’s I Ching” app is now available in iTunes.



Everyone needs guidance throughout their life. But in today’s busy world, the usual sources (family, friends, church, etc.) may not always be on hand to help. This is where The I Ching (the book of changes) can be a useful source of comfort and advice that is always available. The Hurn’s I Ching app makes it more portable and available than ever before.

The I Ching is a book of wisdom and guidance that has been in use in one form or another in China for over 5,000 years. Its wisdom and guidance continue to be very relevant in today’s world. People can ask it questions and amazingly, the answers they get back are very intuitive and helpful. The I Ching does not give yes/no answers but it will give suggestions as to which direction to follow and a hint as to how a situation could look in the future.

Asking the I Ching questions is like asking a mentor for advice. By asking a series of questions you can use the I Ching to help deal with life’s challenges more meaningfully. Be respectful towards the I Ching as you would to any teacher or mentor and it will be respectful towards you. Thus the answer you are given will be meaningful and helpful to you and your situation.

The language used in all copies of the I Ching is deliberately stylized with metaphors from life that people can relate to – stylised family members, relationships, changing seasons, forces of nature, Heaven and Earth and so on. These have been around for thousands of years and are still very relevant.

Authors Michael and Claire Hurn have worked hard to simplify the language of the I Ching, making it more compatible with the modern day user while keeping true to the meanings of the original texts.

The ‘Hurn’s I Ching’ app features the text of “The I Ching: The book to turn to for Wisdom and Guidance” By Michael Hurn with Claire Hurn. ISBN 978-1-60911-917-1.

The lines of Hexagrams can form patterns but in traditional books, they are not easy to see. After much testing, trial-and-error, Mike came up with the idea of re-sequencing the hexagrams in a way that their lines could be easily recognized as a series of patterns which could be printed at the edge of a page. Flicking the book enables one to quickly and easily find the hexagram and its text just by pattern recognition.

The ‘Hurn’s I Ching’ app follows this sequence. Thus you can look up a hexagram by flicking through the table of contents. But this being an app you can also take advantage of the unique features of your mobile device. (See below.)


Ask questions…

* Enter a question or phrase
* Toss coins by shaking
* Or toss dice
* Or use manual input
* Or use the Quick option

Manage a journal…

* Search by keyword.
* Share journal entries, Mail, Facebook etc.
* Multi-line questions.
* Add your own notes. For example your interpretation of your hexagram/s.
* Add a background note. For example some background information to the question.
Adding notes help you review your entries over time.

Browse the book…

* Read the book. 😉
* Read the Trigram descriptions.
* Look up the component Trigrams & the related Hexagrams.
* Find you Hexagram by simply scrolling through the table of contents.

Other key features…

* Straightforward and elegant interface.
* Option to represent coin head as Yang.
* Portrait and landscape orientation on the iPad.

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