How does what’s happening now bode/relate to my future?

Background Info:

My life has been going through some major changes. Over Christmas I and my kids have been really ill with the flu, things have slowed down a lot and feel that I am in a holding pattern regards the changes that have been happening. I’m wondering how things are shaping up for the future.

   Line   Count   First Hexagram
    6       8       ---   ---
    5       8       ---   ---
    4       8       ---   ---
    3       7       ---------
    2       7       ---------
    1       7       ---------
 Hexagram number    070 (11)
No changing lines, hence no second hexagram.
This is normal it shows that for the moment 
your situation is stable.

Interpretation of answer:

It appears that not all is lost and I have cast a very lucky hexagram. Good fortune is achieved with virtually no effort (I like the sound of that!) Bad things are going away and good things are coming soon.

There are no changing lines so it appears that my situation is stable for the moment. There will be help available. looks like the future is looking good. keep the faith and stay positive, things will get better.

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