What’s going to happen to my daughter?

Background Info:

Daughter has not been able to get out of a rut – stays home all the time and shows no interested in looking for work and only lukewarm interest in studying though she is very bright. Does not understand the importance of preparing for the future though she may not know at this time exactly what field she’ll go into. There is a tendency to unrealistic thinking and little self discipline. I’m very worried and don’t know how much to push because most of my efforts in the past have been fruitless.
Thank you.

           Line   Count   First Hexagram   Second Hexagram
            6       7       ---------         ---------
            5       7       ---------         ---------
            4       7       ---------         ---------
            3       7       ---------         ---------
            2       7       ---------         ---------
            1       6       --- X ---         ---------
         Hexagram number    037 (44)          077 (1)

Interpretation of answer:

Not really sure. In the face of it:

No 44 – She needs to be curbed and guided to a healthier path.
No. 1 – there is the possibility of success.

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