Will my son be well balanced?

Background Info:

This is a follow-up from the last question.

           Line   Count   First Hexagram
            6       7       ---------
            5       8       ---   ---
            4       8       ---   ---
            3       8       ---   ---
            2       7       ---------
            1       8       ---   ---
         Hexagram number    021 (4)
Note: No changing lines, hence no second hexagram.
This is normal it shows that for the moment your situation is stable.

Interpretation of answer:

You have asked your question now stop asking more about your son. When seeking guidance from my Son’s Teacher, be concise and ask my questions once or I will insult and anger the teacher!

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One Response to Will my son be well balanced?

  1. claire says:

    There are no changing lines; hence no second hexagram. This indicates that the answer has been given and the condition is stable for now.

    We have repeatedly found that if the same question is asked over and over again, this hexagram crops up.

    It is almost as if the I Ching is telling you to stop bothering it with this question. You should show proper respect and gratitude to the oracle for the advice and make good use of it. It is an insult to the I Ching to keep asking it the same question.

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