What is the best job for me?

Background Info:

Work in day care – a former City employee.

           Line   Count   First Hexagram   Second Hexagram
            6       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            5       6       --- X ---         ---------
            4       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            3       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            2       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            1       6       --- X ---         ---------
         Hexagram number    000 (2)           042 (3) 

Interpretation of answer:

Persist with what is right. Know what you want. – Health assistance role etc. Let go of unhelpful areas or people. Be calm, stay strong.

Second hexagram:
An obstacle lies in my path – do not stumble blindly and don’t give up. Make plans to overcome the obstacle. I will probably need help to get over this problem.

5th line: Be calm and confident but move slowly – now is not the time for big change.

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One Response to What is the best job for me?

  1. claire says:

    Author note:

    Although it is not recommended to ask absolute questions of the I Ching, any question is a good question if the answer helps you to move forward.

    However, we always need to remember that the I Ching does not give yes, no answers. Therefore you will have to interpret the answer accordingly.

    It is better to draw up a short list of jobs and ask for guidance for each job. Then put a job with the most favourable outcome to the top of your list.

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