How are things looking for my Husband’s business trip?

Background Info:

We have been working on this project for a number of years and now my Husband has a chance to go overseas to promote it.

           Line   Count   First Hexagram   Second Hexagram
            6       7       ---------         ---------
            5       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            4       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            3       8       ---   ---         ---   ---
            2       7       ---------         ---------
            1       9       ----O----         ---   ---
         Hexagram number    061 (41)          021 (4) 

Interpretation of answer:

Be careful what and how you do things. Importantly, simplify life plan ahead and stay calm. Be patient and do not show anger or indignation.

It is good to have a destination in mind. He should be sincere and make an effort. Heed this advice and good fortune will follow.

Changing line: My Husband should complete his own obligations before jumping in to help others with theirs. He should carefully consider how much he is willing or able, to take on.

Correct persistence is good but don’t keep asking the same question over and over. Be grateful to the teacher.

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